Ben Haderle

Game Designer and Programmer


Hook Climbin is a 2D action game about climbing a tower using a grappling hook.

It was prototype as an assignment for Gabe Cuzillo's Action Game Studio in Fall of 2017 at NYU.

Hook Climbin' really only came together in the last couple days of development. It started off as a stealth game about grappling above your enemies and suprising them. The grappling hook felt really bad and to build everything else would have been outside the scope of the assignment, so I decided to focus on just trying to make the grappling feel good. That turned aout to be a hard problem to solve. I kept looking at the game Floating Point and trying to reverse engineeer the physics of it. I tried a lot of things, most of which were very messy, but ended up with a realtively clean implementation. My implementation also allowed me to make the grappling rope elastic which greatly improved how the game feels. After I was satisfied with how the mechanic funtioned, I made a simple level to show off how it could be used. With this game, I think that it mostly needs a lot of level design work to explore the mechanic further.


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