Ben Haderle

Game Designer and Programmer


Rainbow Run is an infinite runner where you must match each platform's color in order to survive.

It was made over a couple weeks as part of an assignment for AP Thomson's Procedural Generation for Games class in Spring of 2017 at NYU.

The mechanic for Rainbow Run came to be by accident. I needed a way to know if the platforms were spawning while the player was moving. I was too lazy to get a background so I just randomized the platform color. From there, I decided it would be cool to try and match the color. I think that more mechanic is pretty strong, this game just needs some more refinement and additions. The level generator is based on how many colors the player has. After each gate which gives a new color, there is an array of premade level chunks that are randomly put down before the next gate. Additionally the color of the platforms are generated such that a jump will always force the player to change color while a solid stretch will never change. I would like to refine the chunks I already have, make new chunks, and change the level generation after the player has all the colors so it stil gets more difficult. I also want to redo jumping physics, add a bunch of juice, and add things like pickups that would add a multiplier to your score. I envision this as a mobile game, as most infinte runners are.


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