Ben Haderle

Game Designer and Programmer


Take a Walk is a game about reflection, exploration, and chilling out. Enjoy short play sessions (~5 min) as you walk around a handcrafted 2D alpine environment and are given the chance to write about your experience. Meet new characters for every day of the week!

You can listen to the soundtrack by the wonderful Efe Torunoglu here.

Take a Walk was originally made as part of Bennett Foddy's Intro to Game Development class in Spring of 2016 at NYU. I then expanded on the content and refined the experience and released it in January of 2017. Check it out! If you're interested in knwoing more about the development, check out the devlogs at the bottom of the page.




Take a Walk Devlog #4: Polished Prototype

The last devlog before release!

Take a Walk Devlog #3: Audiovisual Prototype

The game looks good now!

Take a Walk Devlog #2: Gameplay Prototype

All systems are (mostly) a go

Take a Walk Devlog #1: Introduction

A game about exploration and chilling out

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