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Game Designer and Programmer

Summer Update

9/12/2017 12:31 PM

Hello there! I'm writing this to give an update on the things I did this summer and to talk about what I'm doing til the end of the year. So here we go!

The main event for me this summer was my trip to Europe. The trip was centered around a class I took at NYU Berlin for the month of June, but we'll get to that. After ending last semester, I stayed for 6 days in Paris, mostly to visit some friends that had been living there. This was my second time visiting the city and even though I had a better visit this time around, I still feel that the city isn't really for me. There's a lot of great history, art, and food there, but it's so rooted in its ways in a way that makes me feel disinterested. Anyway, here's the Seine looking pretty!

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The next stop was Kiental, Switzerland. I spent 10 days in this hostel in the Swiss Alps. The whole place looked too picturesque to be real. I spent everyday hiking and exploring the tiny valley. It was incredibly relaxing and gave me my nature fix for the summer. Here's a collection of pictures from that.

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From there, I went to Berlin to study for the month. My class was on 20th century German history. Class was split up so we'd have lecture/discussion in the morning then go to some museum or historical site in the afternoon. I learned a lot, but still feel like I just scratched the surface of the subject. I was really fascinated by the Weimar Republic and how violence in its divisive democracy lead to the Nazi regime.

While I was in Berlin, I looked up what kind of game communities were in the city and I decided to go to a monthly game jam they hold there. I teamed up with Felix Szczesny, a guy my age from France who was studying art in Berlin. Our chosen theme was "the sun is too hot" so we made a 2D gravitational platformer about trying to get from one planet to the other while avoiding touching the sun. I did the design and programming and Felix did the art. You can play it here! It was only a 7 hour jam, so I'm pretty happy with what the result was. The event was well run so if you're ever in Berlin, you can check out what events are going on here!

Towards the end of the month, my mom and my aunt came across the pond and, after showing them around Berlin, we stayed for couple days each in Hamburg and London. It was a great trip over all.

The trip was the highlight of my summer, but I did a few other things as well. I was extremely disciplined about runnning this summer in preparation for the cross country season. That training culminated in a trip up to Cape Cod with a bunch of other guys on the team. I had my first race a couple weeks ago and it really well. You can read about it here!

Now I'm back in New York, a couple weeks into classes. This semester I'm starting to really put in the work towards my Computer Science degree while also continuing to work on my game design and development skills. I'm in Action Game Studio, Audio for Digital Games, Data Structures, anc Calculus 2. Looking forward to refine my programming + audio skills and make some rad action prototypes.

That's about it for this summer and looking forward to the fall. I'm going to try to some smaller updates between now and Decemeber, but I'll definitely have something up before/on December 21 about how the season went.